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;Hale Nimbus Cloud Guard High-Level Disinfectant is a non-toxic solution to your everyday problem.

The term Hale Nimbus is inspired by the strength of the clouds that protect us day and night. This product is clinically tested and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses including CORONAVIRUS. Protect yourself and your loved ones with our natural, pollutant free product.

Why is Hale Nimbus high-level disinfectant a popular choice?
⤠ Organic product
⤠ Alcohol-free
⤠ Chlorine-free
⤠ No harmful chemicals
⤠ Food grade ingredients
⤠ Fresh odor from water-based antibacterial essential oil
⤠ Does not damage sprayed surface
⤠ Suitable for sensitive skin and eczema
⤠ Safe for infants, children and pets
⤠ Proven to be effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses including coronavirus

Among the complaints of the public when using the usual hand sanitizer available on the market :
⤞ Can’t resist strong smell of alcohol
⤞ Easy dry skin & peeling
⤞ Itchy skin & painful
⤞ Eczema gets worse
⤞ Eye burns when exposed to sanitizer
⤞ Worry forget to wash your hands after using the sanitizer, then continue eating
⤞ Fear of child poisoning with sanitizer
⤞ Worry about combustible sanitizer

With Hale Nimbus disinfectant, you don’t have to worry about the above!

Hale Nimbus is the best alternative in place of alcoholic hand sanitizer. Although not using alcohol as a disinfectant, Hale Nimbus still kills most bacteria and viruses in the presence of peracetic acid. Besides there is essential oil that gives fresh smell! With these natural ingredients, it makes our organic disinfectant safe to use all including those with sensitive skin and eczema, babies, children and pets. Also environmentally friendly!

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