Syok Fuji Hot Spring Water Spray [CLEARANCE]

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Inspired from Japan, and the water from the hot springs themselves is taken from the hot springs that are under the fuji mountains that have passed through various rocks and soils.

And this thermal water spray has become the craze of French women so that most pharmacies there have a wide range of products from thermal water because of its advantages.

Among the ingredients found in Fuji Spray are,

* Nitrogen
* Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
* Cetyl dimethicone
* Steareth-2
* Steareth-21
* Phosphatidylcholine
* Trehalose
* Sodium hyaluronate
* Chamomile extract
* Licorice extract

The PDMS is called a “hydrating barrier” which prevents dry skin

Trehalose is a moisturizer that has an antioxcidant effect

Sodium hyaluronate is an anti-aging ingredient used by dermatologists to maintain skin rejuvenation.

Phosphatidylcholine smooth the skin, increases skin moisture and helps skin regrowth

Cetyl dimethicone prevents the reduction of water on the skin.

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